Spray Foam Is More Effective Than Fiberglass – CPS Energy Study

An interesting study conducted by CPS Energy in  San Antonio Texas is providing some very interesting results. CPS Energy had three homes with identical floor plans and varying degrees of efficiency. All three homes were sold with the understanding that the owners energy consumption would be closely monitored for this research project. One home was built to the builders standards, the second home had high efficiency appliances, heating and cooling system installed plus a combination of foam and fiberglass insulation. The third home used the same features as the second home but in addition it has solar roof tiles and spray foam insulation.

The study is about halfway complete and the US Dept of Energy is also keeping an eye on the findings. So far the findings show that spray foam insulation is proving to be more efficient than fiberglass because it does a better job of sealing the home and thus creating a “thermal envelop”.spray foam insulation Boston

Interestingly enough, the third home which has the solar panels and spray foam insulation has 70% fewer changes in the air temperature per hour than the first home which was built to the usual standards. The second home which has better insulation than the base home performed with 40% fewer air temperature changes. Previously most homes were built with fiberglass batting about 6 inches thick but it didn’t significantly reduce air flow and was expensive.

Some utility companies provide a rebate program to incentivize home owners who use spray foam insulation. There are also some Federal tax rebates for spray foam insulation as well. As you can see foam insulation significantly out performs fiberglass insulation.

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Eco-friendly Roofing Materials – Understanding Your Options

Every homeowner will reach a point  where they have to replace their old roofing shingles because of age, exposure to heat, rain, wind and sometimes hail storms. Whatever the reason for needing a new roof, this is a good time to start thinking about the environment and how you can help by replacing your roof with an eco-friendly roofing system.

Boulder roofing companySometimes you hear about installing a green roof and you may envision the green roof that is literally green with vegetation. This would be considered the ultimate green roof and there are places where this type of roof is welcomed. In some larger cities they are experimenting with a vegetation roof on the top of high rise apartments and office buildings but to have one of these in your Denver neighborhood or even your Boulder, Colorado home might be an unwelcomed site from your neighbors.

So let’s look at how we can be eco-friendly while not taking away from the curb appeal we and the neighbors want to see. There are many different types of roofing materials and choosing something that is either recycled or an eco-friendly product is a good choice.

The best known eco-friendly roofing material is your wood shake shingles. They are made from old growth western cedar and the energy cost to produce these shakes is relatively low. But this type of material is flammable without some chemical treatments that basically negate the idea of being eco-friendly. These are also not good for most homes in the Boulder CO area because of the large amount of trees and closeness to the foothills where forest fires can be a problem.

So the next best option is to look at recycled roofing material. Roof shingles can be made from recycled wood fiber, plastic and rubber. These types of shingle are not only durable but they are also attractive look great on most homes. Using recycled shingles can help lessen the amount of waste going to the landfills and ultimately reduced energy costs for reducing pollution. Some recycled shingles come with a 50 year warranty so talk to your roofer in Boulder CO about the options available.

Another material that is natural and very durable is slate roof tiles. Slate roof has a long warranty and has been known to last hundreds of years. You’ll find many companies that provide eco-friendly roofing materials like slate. Slate is an expensive option that isn’t a good fit for everyone. Clay tiles are a less expensive option that is also very eco-friendly but they don’t last as long as slate tiles. One more thing about installing these products is that they are heavy and your roof may need additional reinforcements to handle the extra weight.

Recycled rubber is another material that is trending more popular these days. Rubber roofing tiles are made from old steel belted radial tires and ground slate. This material may not be allowed in some areas so you want to talk to your roofer to find out if this material can be used for your roof.

So next time you need to replace your roof consider some of the many eco-friendly roofing materials available and do your part to help preserve our fragile environment.

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Eco-Friendly Plumbers – The Smart Choice

Hiring a plumbing contractor that is eco-friendly will provide you with many benefits you can take to the bank. There are cost saving advantages as well as the overall impact you will positively be making on the environment. Here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Guidance and Planning – Your eco-friendly plumber will be able to access your home and provide you with ideas and recommendations on the changes you can make that will improve your home. For example they would be able to suggest new products, like your water heater, furnace, appliances and even the plumbing fixtures throughout your home. They will also be able to share with the many ways that you and your family can reduce your water use each month. This might sound like it will be expensive but remember you don’t have to do all of this at once. Next time you need to hire a plumber find an eco-friendly one and make notes of all the things you can change. This way when you need to change the appliances you’ll know exactly what to look for in your next purchase.

Money Savings – Your eco-friendly plumber will help you decide on the best energy efficient appliance for your home so the next time you get your electric or water bill in the mail, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. New energy efficient appliances can offer you significant cost savings.

eco-friendly plumberReduced Footprint – Unfortunately we all contribute to the pollution in the air, waste and the overall harm to our environment. But you can make a small difference by hiring an eco-friendly plumber. To be a certified eco-friendly plumber they are required to adhere to some strict sustainable plumbing practices. Waste is reused or recycled and many of their supplies are recycled as well.

Reduced Air Pollutions – It may sound more like I’m talking about the economy but eco-friendly plumbers use American made products. American made products offer many environmental advantages. These products aren’t shipped from other countries thus traveling further and the U.S. has stricter regulations in regards to pollution during the manufacturing process.

Health Benefits – Some plumbers use a variety of chemicals and materials that can be dangerous to our health and the environment.  This means that our home and family is exposed to these harmful chemicals daily and as these chemicals are washed down the drain it impacts our environment too. an eco-friendly plumber only uses products that don’t have these harmful chemicals.

As you can see there are many benefits to hiring an eco-friendly plumber and I want to leave you with one last thought. More and more Americans are becoming more aware of the environment and protecting it, think of how your renovated green home will have a higher resell value should you decide to sell.Learn more about green certifications

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